Time for checking the goods

We recommend you checking the goods immediately after purchase or within 24 hours to get a replacement in case of problems.

Replacement warranty

● If you cannot log in to your account for the first time (wrong password, wrong email, checkpoint)
● If the account is sent to the checkpoint for identification within 5 days of purchase

ℹ️ After running ads or adding a payment method there is no warranty. Because your payment methods and ad materials are out of our control.


Best option for working with accounts is using non-detection browser: GoLoginAdspower,


● Always use mobile or residential proxy: AstroProxyProxyCheap
● Instead of Proxy you can use 4G mobile hotspot to share connection from phone to PC. But you always need to turn on airplane flight mode for 5 seconds before entering to the next account. Airplane flight mode will change your IP address. Never use VPN, Tor or IPv6 Proxy.

ℹ️ Some of our account are provided with a proxy. It’s a free bonus. You can use these proxies as long as they are active. After that, you need to purchase your own.

Warming of account

On the first day log in to the account and do nothing there, just close the browser. Let the account get used to the new browser. Leave it for 1-3 days, then you can log in again, create a Page, and run Ads.
If you do not follow our recommendations, we do not guarantee that we will be able to replace your goods or return the money.

Popular Questions

How to get 2FA

0 – Open http://2fa.live
1 – Find the code provided to you in account’s file and paste it into the text area
2 – Click “Submit”
3 – Copy the code from the next text area like on screenshot

PS: Code is changing every 30 seconds