Verified Aged Business Manager

Verified Aged Business Manager

Company Verified Facebook Business Manager. No profile, only BM. 2 invitation links are included in the purchase. You need to connect Business Manager to an active Facebook Account after purchase. Low ban chance.


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✓ Company verified (Green Tick)
✓ Created in 2018-2021
✓ Daily spend limit $250
✓ Ad Account created in USD
✓ Active and Ready to use
✓ Replacement if blocked before run ads
✓ Replacement if blocked before adding a card
✓ Warranty 2 days

✕ You need to have a Facebook account to add this BM

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• Adspower


If the account doesn’t work (you can’t log in) or banned (before ads run) or restricted (before ads run), we will fix or replace it:

– 10 days warranty for Normal Accounts